Tile Roof Replacement in Tampa, FL

Here at Roof X we have become one of the premiere tile roofing contractors in central Florida.  We have experience in both installing and replacing all types of concrete and clay roof tiles. Although a tile roof is more expensive than other roofing systems, Tile Roof systems are known for their incredibly long life, lasting for many years. Tile roof systems are well worth the higher price point. Encompassing both longevity and aesthetic, tile roof systems are one of the easiest ways to accomplish a truly unique look to any home. There are many styles and colors to choose from during the selection process to ensure your roof X experience is tailor-made to your specific needs. Choosing a tile roof for your house will not only increase the value of your home, but is by far one of the most visually stunning roof systems available.

Benefits of Tile Roofing

There are many benefits in choosing a tile roof.  The advantages of a tile roof replacement include:

  • Higher resistance against physical impact damage

  • Higher resistance again rot or insect damage

  • More environmentally friendly

  • Less maintenance

  • Better internal temperature regulation

Concrete or clay tile roof systems are highly sought after in Florida especially.  With homes that experience constant exposure to hot weather or salt air, a tile roof can withstand these conditions best. Depending on the type of climate, concrete, clay and slate tile roofs can last several decades. Concrete and clay roofs are capable of withstanding conditions such as high winds, hail and even fires.  Many manufacturers will offer a 50 year warranty for tile roofs.

Why Choose Roof X for your Tile Roof Replacement

Choosing the right roofing company for your tile roof replacement can mean the difference between a proper, finished product and a complete disaster. Avoid a catastrophe tomorrow by carefully selecting the right Roofing contractor today, one that can get the job done properly, in a timely manner! Here at Roof X our specialized team of roofing technicians has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you feel confident in your decision to let Roof X  tackle your tile roofing needs. Contact us today to find out how to significantly increase your overall property value with a visually stunning tile roof system in this Win-Win investment.