Tile Roof Repair in Tampa, FL

Tile roofs are some of the most unique and visually stunning roof systems out there. They are also some of the most expensive roofs, making the investment in a quality tile roof repair or replacement could mean the difference between keeping your investment sound or suffering a total loss. No matter the circumstances, Roof X has got you covered!

What Causes Tile Roof Damage?

Being a Florida resident, each year you will consistently face diverse climate and extreme weather patterns, ranging from mild tropical storms to catastrophic and unmerciful hurricanes. These factors are cause for Florida roofs enduring an annual beating. for instance, conditions such as extreme heat, torrential rainfall, direct sunlight and heavy winds can all lead to the degrading of roofs of any kind over time. additional factors include the age of the roof, life-span of the product. No roof system is exempt to the gradual damage incurred over multiple years. Even with proper routine maintenance, there will inevitably come a time when your roof reaches a point of needing  a roof replacement.

When to Repair your Tile Roof

Like any other type of roof, tile roofs can become damaged and worn over time. Some of the most common types of tile roof damage that we encounter. Some notifiers that you roof is ready to be replaced include:

  • Broken tiles

  • Missing tiles

  • Damaged valleys

  • Flashing failures

  • Loose or sliding tiles

Types of Tile Roofs we specialize in:

Here at Roof X,  our experts are well versed in the repair and replacement of every type of tile roofs available. Examples of residential tiles we specialize in include:

  • Barrel Tiles: These tiles have a half-rounded appearance

  • Clay Tiles: Clay tiles come in many profiles and colors, including terra-cotta

  • Southwestern Tiles: These have a unique blend and a S-shape

  • Slate Tiles: Slate tiles are made of a European stone that comes in colors gray or black

Contact Roof X for your Tile Roof Repair

Roof X provides a superior quality, fully customizable roofing experience. If you have a damaged tile roof and are looking for a reliable roofing contractor to handle your repairs and replacement, act now. Contact Roof X today!