Repairing a Damaged Shingle Roof

Just because you have a roof leak in your shingle roof, does not automatically mean you need to buy a whole new one. That is the same as assuming you need to buy a new car because you got a flat tire. In many cases, your shingle roof can be repaired rather than replaced.  Roof X is your “go to” shingle roof repair provider. From Tampa to Tallahassee we consistently provide a headache-free, fully customizable roofing experience.

When to Repair your Shingle Roof

Shingle roof damage comes in many shapes and sizes. Here are a few common reasons why a shingle roof repair would be necessary:

  • There is water entering through your wall

  • Leaky Brick Mortar

  • Water is entering through your window

  • Water is coming through anything that penetrates your roof

  • Flashing work has been done incorrectly

  • Roof is not at the right angle to shed water properly, meaning the roof may need to be re-framed or re-angled.

Should I replace my roof or just repair it? Read the following and decide:

Besides the leak, the whole rest of the roof is in good condition. How will you determine this? Our Roof X team in Tampa, FL will help you! Often times leaks can be fixed with a shingle roof repair job. It should also be expected that you will need to have maintenance performed on your shingle roof at some point. If a problem is not handled quickly, it can cause further future damage.

No matter the situation, always contact a professional roofing contractor prior to trying to handle a roof issue yourself. When you hire a licensed contractor, you will be left with the comfort of knowing that your roof is up to date with all safety measures and standards.

Contact Roof X for your Shingle Roof Repair

Don’t let roofing troubles keep you from accomplishing your daily tasks. Our team can quickly assess and fix your shingle roof damage causing little to no interruptions to you or your day-to-day activities. Contact Roof X today to for an estimate for your shingle roof repair.