Tampa Roof Inspectors

A roof is an essential part of a home or business. And a fundamental part of any shelter. It not only protects from the elements, it also serves as the primary support for the upper structure of your entire home. In order to keep your roof fully functional, it must be maintained. The team here at Roof X can provide you with a free advanced roof inspection to ensure your roof is in the state it needs to be for optimal roof performance and longevity.

Why you Need a Roof Inspection

Annual advanced roof inspections will save you from many costly and time-consuming problems in the future. Our specialized roof technicians can pinpoint localized areas of leaks, points of weakness or anything else out of the ordinary on your roof. Once identified Roof X will offer a solution before the problem becomes exacerbated and causes further damages. Ideally your roof should be inspected annually by a qualified roof contractor even more so after a powerful florida tropical storm.

Another invaluable perk of undergoing routine roof inspections in the state of Florida is that it can simplify the insurance claim process in the wake of a devastating storm. Our specialized staff at Roof X are aware of the specific types of repairs covered by insurance and their roof replacement protocols. With that knowledge we leave no stone unturned when fighting for what you are entitled to. We also understand the factors that determine what will ultimately be covered by the insurance agencies. Much like our 3 step emergency response protocol; we will perform your inspection, identify the problem, and lastly help you prepare your potential insurance claim.

Roof Inspection Process

When Roof X comes to your home for an advanced roof inspection and diagnosis, we will examine the following areas:

  • Roof structure

  • Underlayment materials

  • Roof covering materials

  • Flashings

During the inspection, our roofer will walk along your roof and lift up the shingles at their edges to examine potential elemental damage. Things that we will be looking for include buckling shingles, improper layers, improper flashing installation that could cause moisture or mold and exposed or absent underlayment. Once the inspection is complete, Roof X will provide you with a detailed report of any deficiencies that were found, an estimated remaining lifespan of the roof and an inspection certificate.

Call Roof X for your Roof Inspection

Roof X has a history of performing thorough and timely roof inspections catering to residential and commercial clients in all of central Florida. We will evaluate your roof’s structural integrity and detect any of its shortcomings. Whether you are buying, selling or are a current home or business owner, we will provide you with the best possible inspection services. Contact us today to schedule a roof inspection.