Replacing your Flat Roof

Every roof will need to be replaced at some point, as it stands there is currently no roof system that lasts forever. Roof X has vast knowledge in single ply tpo, pvc,  and torch grade roofing systems. Our specialized roof technician will carefully inspect your current roof, whether flat already or another roofing system you are looking to convert, Together we will diagnose your roof’s overall damage and discuss a plan of action catered to your specific needs in your flat roof replacement. We believe it is important to analyze drainage as this is the most important factor surrounding a flat roofing system and yet the most often overlooked. As stated in the latest florida building code regarding flat roofs 2017 FBC: Flat roofs must have a minimum of  ⅛-¼” per foot fall to properly drain and not accumulate water in the form of puddles. If your flat roof has visible puddles or is retaining water pick up your phone and call Roof X to discuss a tapered insulation roof package to diagnose and correct the existing drainage failure and update your roofing system to current FBC standards..

Why Choose Roof X for your Flat Roof Replacement

Undergoing a roof replacement can be a daunting task, be that as it may it is surely something that cannot be avoided or put off.  Being aware of the effects of the naturally occurring climate of Florida can mean the difference between a simple fix and a major overhaul, as weather will eventually take its toll on your roof. Our team here at Roof X will make you breath easy and will maintain customer support during every step of the process. contact us with any questions about your flat roof replacement. If you would like to receive a free roof diagnosis and consultation we can provide you with an accurate and itemized estimate on site .